The Best Places to Exchange Currency in Auckland - 2024

Switch the currency exchange desk for a prepaid card - and save both time and money

Visiting a physical currency exchange kiosk before you travel or in your destination may seem like an obvious option - but you’ll probably find the exchange rates you get there will include extra fees that are tricky to spot.

Get a prepaid travel card from Wise instead, to spend and make local cash withdrawals in 170+ countries, with the Google exchange rate and no hidden fees. No sneaky charges and no standing in line - meaning you have more time and money to enjoy your trip.


Currency Exchange in Auckland

There are so many options for you when you need to buy travel money in the Auckland. We at The Currency Shop, have created this CBD guide so that we can do the heavy lifting and you can focus on everything else.

  • We found a variety of fees ranging from a small percentage to a fixed rate. So make yourself aware of these when choosing a provider. We also found that different providers exceeded with different currencies.
  • Major currencies can generally be found in Auckland. These include US dollars, Euros or Japanese Yen.
  • For some currencies, ordering online can still return a better deal. Especially if there isn't stock in Auckland.

Your own research is pivotal. Use our guide to find out where to buy travel money in Auckland.

If you want to find the best exchange rates to transfer money into a bank account overseasclick here to compare money transfer services.

Where to exchange money in Auckland

There is no money changer that is a clear winner for having the best exchange rate on every currency and amount. We found a variety of fees ranging from a small percentage to a fixed rate. So make yourself aware of these when choosing a provider.

We also found that different providers exceeded with different currencies. Major currencies can generally be found in the CBD. These include US dollars, Euros or Japanese Yen. For some currencies, ordering online can still return a better deal. Especially if there isn't stock in the city. Your own research is pivotal.

Use our guide to find out where to buy travel money in Auckland.

Money Changer Address
Travel Money NZ 163 Queen Street, Auckland
Travel Money NZ Unit G3, 239 Queen Street, Auckland
No 1 Currency 11 Customs St E, Auckland
No 1 Currency 175 Queen St, Auckland
No 1 Currency 238 Queen St, Auckland
City Forex 44 Wellesley Street West, Auckland
DP Money Exchange 263 Queen Street, Auckland
Lotus Foreign Exchange 76 Quay St, Auckland
Lotus Foreign Exchange 228 Queen Street (inside Burger King), Auckland
Travel card Address

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Where to get foreign currency outside New Zealand

If you have time, ordering a travel money card from a service like Wise, or picking one up in person from Travelex before you leave New Zealand can be a good option. You’ll be able to make withdrawals with low or no fees, plus you’ll get good exchange rates without needing to visit an exchange store. 

If you’ve already left New Zealand and don’t have any travel cash on you, you’ve got a couple of options: making local ATM withdrawals or heading to a physical exchange office to exchange NZD to the currency you need, when you arrive.

You’ll usually be able to find currency exchange stores easily in towns and tourist areas - but remember that both ATMs and exchange offices may be harder to find if you’re heading somewhere off the beaten track. 

Airports, hotels and banks may offer exchange services, as well as specialist providers - but you may not get the best exchange rate out there. It’s also worth noting that travelling with all your spending money in cash can be a security risk. Use hotel safes and be mindful of your belongings at all times if you find you need to carry a lot of cash with you.

Factors to consider when choosing an exchange provider in Auckland

When you’re picking the best exchange service for your needs, be sure to look at the fees providers charge but also the exchange rates. It’s sometimes possible to see rates online before you head out to an exchange store - but bear in mind that online rates may be outdated, so calling ahead is a smart plan.

It’s also important to choose a service which is properly licensed and regulated, and which is trustworthy. All the providers we’ve mentioned here are regulated services - and you can check out what other customers have to say about them using Google ratings. Alternatively, ask around for personal recommendations if you’re exchanging your money before you leave home.

Don’t have time to hunt out a bargain? You can also save time by picking a provider which always uses mid-market rate currency conversion with low, transparent fees, like Wise

Tips for finding the best currency exchange rates in Auckland

Before we finish up, here are a few more handy tips for exchanging foreign currency in Auckland, or once you’ve reached your destination:

  • Travel cards from a provider like Wise or Travelex are convenient, secure and can often have low overall costs
  • Compare different local currency exchange stores based on the fees and the live rates available to help you find a good deal
  • It’s usually best to avoid airport currency exchange desks - make an ATM withdrawal on arrival at your destination instead if you need cash instantly
  • Use the currency conversion tools available on the Currency Shop website, to stay updated on current exchange rates

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How do I exchange currency back after a trip?

If you’ve come home with extra foreign currency, you can often exchange it back to NZD at a currency exchange store. However, there are a few downsides to this which you’ll want to consider in advance.

Firstly, exchange services will usually only buy high denomination, unmarked notes in foreign currency. If you have coins, or damaged notes, you’re unlikely to be able to sell them easily.

The other major drawback is that you might get back less than you spent in the first place. That’s because the rate you get when you sell your foreign currency may be different to the one you got when you bought your travel money in the first place. A good alternative is to use a travel money card to make withdrawals as and when you need them while you’re away. That makes it easier to manage your budget and to avoid getting stuck with a lot of foreign currency at the end of your trip.

FAQ - The Best Places to Exchange Currency in Auckland

What is the cheapest way to get foreign currency in Auckland?

There’s no single best or cheapest Auckland currency exchange service. Each provider will have its own rates and fees, which may vary widely depending on the currency you need. Compare a few different providers online, or use the tools and reviews here at the Currency Shop, to narrow down your search.

Should I exchange money before I travel?

You don’t necessarily have to exchange your travel money before you leave. Carrying a lot of cash can be a security risk, so holding only a small amount of foreign currency when you go can be a better idea. Consider getting a multi-currency account and card from Wise, or a Travelex Travel Money Card for spending and withdrawals instead of taking all your travel cash with you. Both are safe to use, and cheap and convenient for spending and withdrawals overseas.

Where is the best exchange rate in Auckland?

There’s no single best place for currency exchange in Auckland - it’ll usually come down to the currency you need, and how much you’re exchanging. Generally currency exchange options in airports, train stations and hotels are pretty poor value - with high fees often hidden in bad exchange rates. 

Instead, consider getting a travel card before you head off, to spend and withdraw in Auckland - usually with better exchange rates and more transparent overall costs.

Is it better to exchange money or use a card?

Cards are usually pretty convenient and safer than carrying lots of cash - but many travellers prefer to have both cards and a small amount of cash to hand. When it comes to cost, which is best depends on the exchange rates you can get for your specific currency pair.

If you have a card which doesn’t charge a foreign transaction or foreign cash fee you’ll usually find that the exchange rates set by card issuers and used when you spend and withdraw are pretty fair. Choose a specialist travel card which offers the Google exchange rate to get even better value.

How much is the fee to exchange currency at the airport?

Currency exchange fees at airports are usually pretty high - although they may also be wrapped up in the exchange rates used, making them harder to spot. In fact you’ll often find exchange desks which claim 0% commission, or no conversion fee to pay - but in reality, the charges are just tagged onto the exchange rates applied to your transaction.

Generally you’ll get better value if you avoid airport exchange rates and choose a prepaid travel card or multi-currency account to spend and withdraw, instead.

Money exchange reviews

Travel Money NZ Review

Travel Money NZ is exceptionally convenient due to their large national network of stores that are open late and on weekends but there are things you should know about the exchange rates.


Friendly, professional, with some of the best exchange rates particularly for selling currency to them. There are bank limits for eftpos and photo ID is required.

Lotus FX

Lotus Foreign Exchange is handy if you want to talk to someone in a store but useless if you need to go online.

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