How Long Does an International Money Transfer Take?

There are dozens of factors that affect the speed of which it takes to send money overseas. Generally, the method you choose to transfer money will be the main factor that will impact transfer speed.

How long it takes to send money overseas using a New Zealand bank?

According to each of the big four bank sites, this is how long it should take:

How many days does an international money transfer (or telegraphic transfer/TT) take if you avoid using a bank?

Again, it depends on which company you use.

Here are some transfer times for the most popular money transfer companies:

0-3 business days

0-3 business days

0-3 business days

0-3 business days

1-2 business days

1-3 business days

How long does a wire transfer take to process?

Great question but there is no simple answer.

Assuming you've asked your bank to transfer the money before their cut off time (usually around 5pm) they will process the payment that day. As Wise (formerly known as TransferWise) says in this blog:

'But just because your bank processes an international wire on that business day doesn’t mean it will arrive to your international recipient’s bank account that same day. Many sites quote that an international wire should normally arrive within 1-5 business days. But there are many factors that can add time to your transfer.'

How to transfer money internationally

  • Step 1
    Thankfully, you only have to do this once. You'll have to register your details like name, address email and provide some identification.
  • Step 2
    You'll need to enter the bank account details of the person you are transferring the money to. This is also when you lock in the exchange rate.
  • Step 3
    Before the money is transferred overseas, you'll need to pay for it. All companies offer their bank account details for a direct bank transfer. Most companies offer Bpay and some even allow you to pay using a debit or credit card.
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