How Much Things Cost in Singapore

To give you a better idea of how much everything is going to cost, we've listed some essential things you might need on your holiday like accomodation, transport, food and more.

All the prices we've quoted in this article are in New Zealand dollars but you can visit our currency converter to find out what the exchange rate is between the NZD and SGD.

Before you head to Singapore, learn about:

  • Is it expensive to visit Singapore?
  • How much you need to bring to Singapore
  • The cost of food
  • Accomodation

Is it Expensive to Visit Singapore?

When it comes to travelling in Singapore, there is a big difference between there and New Zealand. Let's have a look at the cost difference between some food and activities in Singapore and New Zealand:


New Zealand vs Singapore

In this table, we have a comparison of some things you might do in Singapore. The prices are approximate, and can change between different cities in Singapore.

Expense Cost in New Zealand Cost in Singapore
Breakfast with Coffee $15 NZD $30 NZD
1 full week of public transport (AT HOP) $2-12 NZD $40 NZD
Full priced Movie ticket $12 NZD $13 NZD
Museum Entry $12 NZD $0-10 NZD
A pint of beer $9 NZD $20 NZD

How much money do I need to bring?

The answer to this question really depends on the type of holiday you're planning. Will you be backpacking and staying in hostels? Will you be living it up at a fancy hotel? If you want to do it on a budget, you easily can or you can splurge and go on a luxury holiday.

Singapore can be a slightly more expensive country to visit, compared with other Asian destinations. Having said this, there are ways you can cut costs if you need to.

Here we have listed an estimate of what you'd need, per person, per day depending on your holiday.

Budget holiday: $200 NZD

Middle of the range holiday:  $200 - $400 NZD

Luxury holiday: At least $400 NZD

How much does food cost in Singapore?

Food is a pretty important part of a holiday, and a great way to get to know a country. Especially somewhere like Singapore where there is delicious food to try on every corner. Like Chilli Crab! In Singapore, you can really decide how much you want to spend on food everyday. You could get by on as little as $8 NZD or if you're fine dining you could spend a lot more! Below we've listed some general prices for eating and drinking out, and the cost of some other bits and bobs.

Eating out:

  • Breakfast: $5 - $25 NZD
  • Lunch: $10 - $30 NZD
  • Dinner: $10 - $40 NZD


  • Coffee: $3.50 NZD
  • Beer: $10 NZD+
  • Glass of wine: $15 NZD+

Some other examples:

  • Big Mac meal: $8.5 NZD
  • Bottle of Wine: $30 NZD+
  • Bottled water: $4.50 NZD
  • Cocktails: $20 NZD+
  • Food tour: $50 to $200 NZD


You can somewhat be flexible about how much you spend on accomodation when you get to Singapore. If you're keeping it low key and don't want to spend much, there are hostels, or you could live it up! Below are some rough guides to how much you can expect to pay.

Accomodation on a budget, like hostels cost about $30 to $80 NZD a night.

Mid-range accomodation like a double room in a 3 star hotel will probably cost between $100 and $300 NZD a night.

A double luxury hotel room will cost from $400 NZD up to as much as you're willing to spend per night.

Using the following sites will give you an even better idea of how much the accomodation you're after will cost you.

By Justin Rampono Updated March 8th, 2021